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We are KPMDesign — a customer-focused design company located in Paraparaumu Beach on New Zealand’s Kapiti Coast.

At KPMDesign we approach things a bit differently. Instead of running our clients through a one-size-fits-all system, or trying to monetise and retain control of every aspect of a website, we get our job satisfaction from seeing our clients in control. We’re keen to see them enabled to ask for what they need and do what they want, be it self-publishing a book, driving their new website, or producing print or digital publications.

We’ll do everything you can’t or don’t want to do. But we’ll also show you what you can do to edit and shape your new website yourself, or prepare text and images before handing them to us in order to make the print production process most efficient.

We’ll always give you the advice that we think is in your best interests, not ours. And we’ll never charge you for things you don’t need.

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