Have you produced a manuscript you’d love to see published? Here’s how we can help you.

We are KPMDesign — a small, customer-focused design and publishing company located in Paraparaumu Beach on New Zealand’s Kapiti Coast.

With a Masters degree in English literature and a background in both teaching and editing, Chris Benge has helped many authors and self-publishers prepare their work for publication. He has an eagle eye for typos and other proofing errors, and polishes text to make it as accessible and appealing as possible for each writer’s intended audience. 

Chris and KPMDesign offer a wide range of publishing-related services: 

  • proofreading
  • text editing
  • blurb writing
  • assistance registering your book for an ISBN code
  • indexing
  • book and cover design
  • photo enhancement and repair
  • print management
  • e-book development and registration for sale on Amazon’s website
  • create online ‘Look Inside’ feature for digital browsing
  • promotional resources (print and digital fliers, posters – even your own website)


Publishing a book is a great adventure and labour, almost like giving birth. Chris loves helping writers form a book or e-book out of what they have lived with and dreamed about for so long. Amongst the books he has worked on over the years are:

Ambiguity & Innocence: The New Zealand Division and the Occupation of Trieste, May 1945 by Tony Simpson

Before Hobson by Tony Simpson

Along for the Ride: A Political Memoir by Tony Simpson

PLUS: A Model for Driving Organisational Performance by John Ellen

Am I My Keeper’s Brother: Human Origins from a Christian and Scientific Perspective by Philip Pattemore

Cockney Kid: The Making of an Unconventional Psychologist by Tony Taylor

One Soldier’s War by Stanley Hughes

Psalms Down-Under by Joy Cowley and Terry Coles

Porters in My Past by John Ewan

Passing through Shadows by Ken Gartner

The Engagement and Other Poems by Fay Clayton

The Chocolate Seller on Broadway by Chris Grantham

One Faith Two Peoples by Lloyd Martin

The Enchanting Tales of Elf Forest (Volumes 1-7) by Mariken Karnas

No Wind by Bruce Melrose

Clipped Heels by Bruce Melrose

Go Gayle Go by Bruce Melrose

John S. Dracup: The Life and Times of a Seafaring Man by Eleanor Bensemann

Strategic Lean Service by Robert Oh & Sunit Prakash

Alive and Thriving in Old Age by Ken Gartner

Accidental Immigrants by John Ewan

Life on a Small Planet by Peter J. Ellis

Raumati South: Heart & Soul edited by Jacqueline Elliott

The First New Zealand Bushranger by David McGill

The Mock Funeral by David McGill

The Audrey Story by John Ewan

Forward Pass by Neil Wright

Full Time by Neil Wright

Remember the Hokianga edited by Olive Harris & Chris Lancaster

Wellington Hospital 2003: A Photographic Essay edited by Jan Duke & Anita Bamford

Our Family Loves to Cook: A Collection of Ford Family Recipes

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