Quality, affordable design.

No – that’s not an oxymoron. Quality doesn’t always have to be expensive. In fact, we agree with whoever said that the best things in life are free. True, we can’t manage free (we’d kind of like to survive) – but we think you’ll be impressed by what you get for what you pay.

The spice of life.

Variety is what we deal in. Websites, accessible on a proliferation of devices. Printed items you can hold in your hand or mount on your wall. Their digital counterparts – interactive pdfs, ebooks, rich-content digital publications . . . and almost certainly other things we’ve not yet thought up.


We build affordable websites. (You knew that already.) But the secret ingredient is in how we build those sites. For us, you’re not just another project: we’re investing ourselves in you. When you take us on we commit ourselves to listen, see the world through your eyes and understand your needs. Then we use our skills and experience to deliver with quality, attention to detail and client support second to none – both before and after your site goes live. Affordably.

Web Design & Development

First impressions are important, but a website needs to do more than just look cool. Will visitors use it like you want them to? Is it easy to navigate? Does it behave like it should on smart phones and tablets as well as computers? Is it secure from hackers? That’s just a few of the questions we develop a Yes for.

  • Site design and development
  • Responsive sites (optimised for smart phones/tablets)
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Added site-optimising and reporting tools

Set-and-Forget Hosting

The only time you should have to think about web hosting is when you get your annual invoice. Our hosting offers you speed and security, with rapid, expert support in the rare case of a problem or attack.

  • Daily backups of your whole site
  • Managed firmware updates
  • Speedy load times
  • Constant, proactive security monitoring

Ongoing Support

Once you’ve got your shiny new website, what’s next? Every website owner has different requirements about how much to learn to do themselves, and how much to hand over to us. We’ll work with you to provide appropriate, affordable ongoing support.

  • Video-based or personal live training
  • Design modifications
  • Content changes
  • Software updates/maintenance and security
  • Regular cloud-stored backups

Design Services & More

Besides web design, we provide a range of related design, search ranking and online advertising services. You may be surprised how useful it is to have a one-stop shop which comes to understand your needs better and better over time, so it can respond intelligently to new requirements.

  • Logo and ad design
  • Copywriting and proofing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • WordPress mentoring

Print and Online

It’s no longer such a print-based world, but print is still important. We handle the whole process of producing a printed book or magazine – or of designing and generating an ebook or rich-content interactive document for emailing or viewing online via screens of all kinds. Advertisements, brochures, catalogues, logos – we use our design skills and experience to deliver your project with quality, attention to detail and client support second to none. Affordably.

Traditional Print Publishing

Editing? Proofreading? Print design? Print management? Whatever combination of services you need for your print project, we’ll cost them and talk you through the process. We supply a series of digital drafts/proofs as the project develops, so you can give input or alter direction mid-course. And of course you sign off on a final proof before anything goes to print.


Assisting Self-Publishers

We have years of experience assisting authors to self-publish their books. From editing and proofing to print and cover design, we make the process as easy as possible. We’ve printed books for many authors, as well as developing ebooks and setting our writers’ work up on Amazon’s book or Kindle stores.

Digital Publishing

Our world absorbs more and more content online. If that’s where you need to be, we can build you an interactive pdf, ebook or web-like document with rich features like hyperlinks, form filling and animations to beguile your target audience. As with print, we offer editing and proofreading services if required, and keep you informed of progress with successive digital proofs.

What We Don’t Do

Unfortunately, we’re too small and specialised to be able to market our clients’ works effectively. So if you want to sell your publication you’ll need to develop your own plan, or use a specialised marketing/distribution service. We’re happy to offer some general advice — and of course we’ll help with eye-catching posters, fliers or advertising if you want us to.

But wait . . . there’s always more

Maybe what you need doesn’t fit neatly into any of the categories above. Well then, it’s Exploration Time. Give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll start thinking about how to produce what you need. If it’s not something we can tackle ourselves, we might be able to point you to someone else who can.

So that’s what we do. Now here’s how we do it.