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We are KPMDesign — a small, customer-focused design company located in Paraparaumu Beach on New Zealand’s Kapiti Coast.

[Please note the use of the term WordPress below refers to WordPress.org, which is the freely available and installable version for use by the public. It is not referring to WordPress.com sites which are hosted by Automattic (the creators of WordPress) and keep features and themes restricted or available for a fee. WPBeginner.com has a useful article if you would like a more detailed breakdown of the differences.]

WordPress is a GREAT tool.

It’s enabled millions of website owners to control their own sites – to fix errors, update obsolete information, and add content without having to always depend on expensive web developers to make every little site revision. And unlike many other content management systems (CMSes), it’s open source – which means it’s completely free, month after month, year upon year . . . . 

But mastering WordPress isn’t altogether a walk in the park. And not every WordPress site owner has the time or inclination to become a WordPress pro.

If you need to deepen your WordPress skills, or make your WordPress site do more than it’s currently doing, Matt Gillon can help. He’s been wrangling WordPress for years now, and he knows his way through the maze. Let him be your guide in whatever way you need. He’ll configure your control panel so you only see what you need to see, add on new functionalities, change your theme for a fresh look, sit with you and walk you through processes you need to learn, and even provide documentation and customised short videos for you to learn from and practise with.

Let Matt be your guide through the World of WordPress. Tell him what you need by filling out the form below. He’ll tell you what he can do to help, and what it will cost.

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